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Why Goa?

  • Leading from the Front
  • A flourishing Trading Culture and Major Port
  • Friendly People in a Healthy Environment
  • Electric Atmosphere
  • Smart Alternative for the Smart Investor
  • Extensive Support Systems
  • Innovative Ideas


Leading from the Front

Poets have waxed eloquent about the natural splendours of Goa.

At Goa Industrial Development Corporation (Goa IDC), we have been gearing up industry for the last three and half decades and have tried to maintain a balance between business, leisure and the environment.

To start an industry one needs, first of all, land and finding the land is what we are best at. Leave it to us - the acquisition, the clearances, the fine print.

We have so far established twenty-two industrial estates. We speak from experience. We are setting up many more industrial parks.

As you see, an impressive list. We'll do it for you too. Goa is both investor-friendly....and environment-friendly.


Trading Culture and Major Port

Goa takes great pride in the port of Mormugao - a major, modern and thriving port, the highest exporter of iron ore in the country.

In addition a new, massive outer harbour is on the drawing board.

Goa will receive 2.5 million and above tourists by 2008, both international and domestic.

New projects on the anvil include:

  • Software Technology Park.
  • Integrated Infrastructure Development Scheme Park (IID).
  • Film City.
  • Growth Centres.
  • Food Park / Wine Park/Bio-Tech Park/Pharma Park.
  • Sky-bus project.


Friendly People, Healthy Environment

Goans are courteous, intelligent, diligent, honest. Justifiably famous for their hospitality.

But did you also know that:

  • Goa has one of the highest per capita income ratios in India.
  • One of the highest literacy rates, 82.32%.
  • The lowest birth rate, 18 per 1000 population.
  • The lowest death rate, 7.47 per 1000 population.
  • The highest road network density.
  • The highest doctor-to-patient ratio.
  • The highest hospital-bed-to-population ratio.
  • The lowest crime rate.
  • Harmonious industrial relations.


Electric Atmosphere

Goa's 'power base' is strong and well distributed. It's brightly lit bridges, roads and highways is illuminating testimony to this fact. Even the smallest hamlet in Goa is electrified.

Goa receives 394 MW from the Central Generating Stations besides 48 MW from Reliance Salgaoncar Power Co. Ltd. The maximum demand in Goa is of the order of 305 MW. There is thus more than adequate supply to meet the demands of uninterrupted power by the industrial sector.

For its future needs, the Power Grid Corporation of India has commissioned a 400 KV transmission system that will enable Goa to draw power to the extent of 500 MW in 2003.

Goa is committed to excellence through E-Governance.

Information Technology is fuelling both economic prosperity and human achievement. E-Governance will empower both the common man and entrepreneurs to eradicate red tape and ensure the formation of an effective, transparent and responsive administration.

Given its small land-mass, Goa welcomes tech-savvy industry.


Smart Alternative for the Smart Investor

We have a variety of offers to suit your requirements. What is the size of the industry you plan to set up? Is it environment-friendly? Labour-intensive? Export-oriented? Has scope for future growth?

Be clear in your mind. And we will, as clearly, spell out for you financial packages, suitable land and other facilities that will be yours for the asking once you decide to set up an industry here.

Goa - the smartest alternative to any other location.


Extensive Support Systems

Goa also is the one Indian state fully electrified. In Goa, there is tap water even in the smallest house, in the smallest village.

Goa abounds in educational facilities with Goa University as the premier centre of learning. The state boasts of several professional colleges, including engineering, polytechnics and ITIs. Management studies, law colleges Ayurvedic & homeopathic college and a catering institute form vital chapters in the education volume of Goa. The prestigious National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) is a leader in marine research in India. The Goa Medical College is among the oldest in Asia.

Well-connected to the rest o India through road, rail, air and sea, Goa also boasts of the highest per-capita--road-to-man ratio in the country. Most of the national airlines have flights from Goa's airport. International carriers operate around 500 air charter flights between Goa and countries like the UK, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and Norway.

The Konkan Railway (KRC) has facilitated the scope of trade and industry tremendously. The successfully tested superfast Konkan Railway between Goa and Panvel will eventually enhance tourism and the economy. The Sky-bus project will be a boost to internal transportation.

Goa has an extensive telecom network too with optic-fibre technology, cellular phones, and high speed Internet.


Innovative Ideas

By the time you arrive and settle in Goa, a whole lot of new but clean entertainment ideas will have materialised. And while you put your money to good and profitable use, remember, you will be setting up your industry in a Tax Holiday area, in a beautiful environment, not an obscure corner of the country where such tax holidays are presently available.

In Goa, the towns meet the countryside in harmony, rivers run alongside roads, industrial estates are less than 30 kms from the sea side. Goa is where your industry as well as the quality of your life will take an upward swing.

Goa - a State tailor-made for encouraging non-polluting and environment-friendly industries.


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